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We have our technical service and parts...

The firm provides its industrial assistance utilizing in-house technical experts, professionals, technically trained and highly specialized in the field of industrial refrigeration and injection moulding, to insure the proper execution of planned maintenance as well as single intervention upon machinery.

The company carries out its technical assistance activities taking advantage of the professionalism, commitment and experience of highly qualified technicians in the field of industrial refrigeration and injection molding, and individuals carrying out scheduled maintenance work on the plants, providing a possible withdrawal and return of equipment, supporting the customer at all stages of purchase: from the choice of the plant (machine or device) installation and organizing everything in an agile and flexible personalized interventions for highly competitive prices. Commercial partners are leading companies in the sector of injection molding machines, refrigeration and auxiliary applications, for the sale of equipment, devices and automation of production process: EUROCHILLER Ltd. (industrial refrigeration), PLASTIC SYSTEMS SpA (Industrial Automation) and MRS srl ITALY (screws plasticizing and containers / cylinders, set tip valve coupling), CMG (machinery suitable for grinding plastic). AT & Service provides scheduled services or individual actions to avoid costly production halts due to lack of maintenance or sudden failures reported by the plants.