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The sense of being part of a company and innovative pioneering spirit are the components which permit Eurochiller to grow constantly and attain an important position on international markets. Eurochiller pursues its challenge daily, testing itself to try to improve every single product according to the demands of the customer, of the market and of the environment. In fact, its mission is that of manufacturing state of the art, efficient products and to be able to offer highly technological and functional global solutions.

Plastic Systems S.p.A., located in Italy, is one of the world leading manufac- turers of plastic machinery for injection, blow moulding and extrusion machi- nes.
The company has great knowledge and wide experience in drying, blending, recycling and conveying polymers in general.



Bio-Tec Environmental was established in 2003 by John Lake. John is the founder, CEO, and innovator behind the EcoPure® technology. EcoPure® is an organic additive that enhances the biodegradation* of traditional plastic products when placed in a biologically active landfill environment. Bio-Tec Environmental and all of our employees are devoted to an environmentally-conscious solution to the ongoing problem of global plastic contamination.


Fornaroli Polimeri is a leading Italian company in the distribution of thermoplastic polymers and offers a vast range of materials from some of Europe’s most important petrochemical companies.
Fornaroli Polimeri is an ideal partner, ever ready to meet its clients’ each and every need with maximum speed and offering a highly customised service. Fornaroli Polimeri operates with absolute regard for the environment, paying the utmost attention to the quality and safety of the materials it distributes.

It is one of the oldest company with a leading position in the plastics distribution matket in Italy. Leonardi strongly believes in its own market, made in Italy. Leonardi makes concrete membership sense and makes us proud to be Italians. Quality is one of the main tools to reach our Customer’s satisfaction and to contribute to our common success for the future.