Additive masterbatches are used to enhance the quality and strength, look and feel of the end product, to improve and optimize processing conditions and finished package performances. they are also  used with a broad range of polymers and with variable active ingredient loadings that can be specially developed for use at a suggested addition rate.

  • Antiblock – prevents films sticking together during and after processing
  • Antifog – maintains clarity of food packaging and agricultural film
  • Antioxidants – inhibits polymer oxidation (colour/polymer degradation, gels and black specks)
  • Antislip – increases coefficient of friction to prevent slip of stacked PE bags
  • Antistatic – prevents dust pick-up and build up of static charge
  • Blowing Agents – lowers density reducing part weight leading to lower costs
  • Flame Retardants – offers varying degrees of fire resistance
  • Mould Release – prevents parts sticking in the mould
  • Process Aids – improves processing by reducing melt fracture leading to increased output
  • Slip Agents – reduces coefficient of friction – often used in conjunction with antiblocks
  • UV Stabiliser/Absorbers – prolongs life of part exposed to UV / packaging contents
  • Dry/desicant  - eliminates  the need for pre-drying resin before processing,  and also helps to protect metal tools from oxidation. This additive is particularly recommended in applications where high moisture levels negatively influence processability.
  • Cleaning  - permit fast, economical cleaning of machinery to facilitate color or resin changes with minimal downtime and loss of virgin material; it occur when the productive systems stopped for a long time, for the reduction of the times during color changing, limiting the production of scraps and when plastics processing  requires complete removal of thermo-oxidized deposits from extruders and injection molding machines.
  • Silicone based detaching agent – solvent free - A silicone based spray, the product is solvent free. Highly anti-adhesive properties; effective sliding and detaching agent in rubber, plastic and wood  industries. Prevents rubber cracks.
  • Oil based antirust protective agent - Product specifically developed to ensure proper protection of all metals during storage or warehousing. Prevents corrosion of raw and treated surfaces and chromium coated parts.

For bespoke applications where specific functionality is required we can work with customers to develop appropriate solutions.

Every masterbatch is supplied with a certificate of analysis, a data sheet, safety data sheet and a certificate of suitability for its specific use.